Thursday, March 29, 2018

IT'S BEEN AWHILE, REALLY AWHILE. and who says God does not love me?

To recap and to really just want to refresh your memory, just for the heck of it yeah, (at least to those who may have found me online and those who have been following me all this time) that I joined the Benedictine Monastery of Christ in the Desert in Abiquiu NM, USA so I became monk in year 2002, took my Simple Vows in year 2003, and then completed my monastic formation in Simple Vows three years later.

In year 2006, I received monastic blessings from my Abbot Superior when I professed my Solemn-Perpetual monastic Vows. But I just want to remind you before I skip and totally forget it that prior to that, I have started blogging in year 2004 which is why my published posts were dated back in that particular year. In year 2008, my superior sent me to the Catholic Seminary of Saint Meinrad Theological Seminary in Indiana, USA to undergo Seminary studies and burn midnight candles to be able to get through  with my Priestly Formation Program.

 A year later, and due to financial constraints, my superior pulled me out from the classrooms of the seminary in Indiana and enrolled me at St Vincent seminary in Latrobe Pennsylvania. The transfer kinda shaken my stability and as well as my pep for academics and coincidentally, in January of year 2010, I had to leave St Vincent seminary with permission from my superior and left the country to attend to my mother in the Philippines who was seriously injured from a freak accident. One thing led to another ( as they say) until I found myself applying for monastic exclaustration which to most monks, is actually the doorway to getting themselves free from the bondages and from monastic decorum.

 Indeed, and in no time at all, I filed a letter of dispensation from my Vows to be able to free me from obligations and monastic attachments. On the other hand and sadly enough, my mother passed in December of year 2011. While still in grief from the loss of my mother, I opted to settle myself in Los Angeles, California and found a job as Director of Activities in an assisted living retirement facility in North Hollywood.

Despite  the challenges, I continued serving God as volunteer Catechist in the Religious Education Faith Formation Program of St Genevieve Religious Education School in Panorama City, CA. Life with me continued with only a rented small room of $500.00 in Panorama City, a walking distance from Van Nuys Blvd,  without an owned car to use for my daily work, I sustained my life.

 In 2014 of August, I was offered a job to teach in one elementary school of Gallup-McKinley Schools District in Gallup, New Mexico. Then, my life changed amidst a new job, a new locale, and a new insight as classroom teacher.

 As of this writing, I, still, am connected with the GMCS and has moved to live in and enjoy my own house and lot in Albuquerque, NM.

 I also got my  citizenship naturalization in June of  2017  and a 2018 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid car.

 Life has moved on.... I have moved on.

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