Sunday, September 4, 2011

find time to enjoy

In my present job as activity director in a senior assisted living facility, I often would find time to make my clients enjoy things that will not require them to exert so much physical efforts.

Some of them are not that physically well endowed anymore to do the day's activity. Although most of them are still ambulatory, yet moving their body and doing simple tasks like playing bowling or tennis or just doing cardio exercises would not allow them anymore.

 So, with such reality, I have thought of introducing gadgets that can be manipulated by their hands to move and do the movements by just clicking the remote control button on their hands. Hence, I introduced to them the  fun and enjoyment of playing with  rc cars in the facility along with the enjoyment and fun of playing wii games as well.
The results of these efforts on their part were highly satisfactory as I saw and observed that doing these activities in the facility  meant so much for them in dealing with their life and giving their life meaning in the senior years of their lives.

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