Wednesday, August 24, 2011

free from stain

In the monastery where I lived for nine years, I was assigned consistently to work on our kitchen as the community's kitchen manager. The job of a kitchen manager is indeed very significant but demanding and at times overwhelming.

 The concerns of hygiene and cleanliness is my utmost priority and more often than not, these are what put me into trouble with my community superior. The dishwasher brothers assigned to wash the dishes for the day would complain to me that no matter what they do in making our kitchen sinks as white as snow aso to speak, still they leave blotches and stains left after thorough cleaning.

This is what our kitchen sink looks like when filled with dirty dishes and this scenario creates a lot of problems because the issue on proper sink-cleaning is always questioned after they are being used.

I found out that with the kind of sinks that we have in our dishwashing area, I would say that no matter how vigorous scrubbing and cleaning may be done to them,  still there will be blotches and stains that will stick on them:
So, I guess this will make me decide to have these sinks changed completely in the near future with more easy-to-clean type of stainless steel kitchen sinks that will require no vigorous scrubbing and cleaning.

 With the kind of old-fashioned type of sinks that we have at our kitchen, we really need to have a complete sink replacement, that is: we need a new stainless steel kitchen sink that will give us ease and comfort in washing our dishes and in cleaning up the sinks afterwards!

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