Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a tale of the horses

Horseback riding has been the monks' past time and leisure time during their weekends and breaks from the day's toils and work. I remember so well that our community had six horses and they were fabulous ones! The monks took turns in taking care of these horses by feeding them and giving them a walk or much more ride on them for a hike and an afternoon lazy treat to themselves.

But the challenges started coming by when each and everyone from among us who love to go on horseback riding started making demands for our outdoor clothing to complement and suit with our weekly horseback riding with these six giant horses. Horse rugs were also provided as well in order to give these six horses proper care and safety for the riders as well.

This tale about these six horses is very much vivid in my memory until this very moment because when I left the community last January of year 2010, I brought with me a couple of photo albums of pictures while doing the horseback riding and also photos of some of the community brothers and their guests doing the horseback riding. These photos are the one and only links and remembrances of my memorable life in the Religious for eight long years. Now, whenever I feel like doing the horseback riding, I have to take time in going to a recreation center nearby my place of residence here in California just to be able to experience the joys and fun of doing horseback riding.

So, whenever you feel like shifting your hobby and pastime from motorcycle riding to horseback riding, which is actually the trend nowadays, do not hesitate to follow your heart as doing horseback riding gives so many benefits psychologically, physically and intellectually. Providing yourself and equipping yourself with the necessary paraphernalia in this noble sports is not that difficult to attain as there are reputable online providers that can  provide you with the necessary outdoor clothing and horse rugs which you can use every time you feel the need to get away from the crazy crowds of the city and be able to achieve a serene and a soothing communion with nature in the woods through horseback riding.

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