Saturday, June 13, 2009

summer is the right time

It is summer. It is time for many things. To a monastic-seminarian like me wo have been away from his own monastic community for several months, going back home to his community after a year-long of academic struggles, challenges and strains at the seminary is always filled with excitement, relief and anticipation.

I am filled with eagerness and anticipation because of the so-many things that I must need to do which I couldn't do while in school. Cooking American Adobo, which is my confreres' favorite is one thing that is listed on my list. However, regular routine of my monastic customary observance occupies the first in my list.

I am filled with eagerness and anticipation to resume with my regular monastic walk around the canyons, along the Chama riverbank, walk near the cliffs of rock mountains and attend to my medical and dental appointments as well.
I am excited of the idea of a two-month respite from thesis paper writings and powerpoint presentations as well...

As a matter of fact, I already made my dental visit for my regular dental check-up and prophy with my dentist Dr. Roxxane Collins at El Rito Dental clinic just the other day.

There are other million other things that I have laid down in my calendar for this summer. And these plans need to be materialized just before the start of the Fall semester come August.

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