Tuesday, May 27, 2008

alive, alive...

Here is another miracle by the Lord. Again, the evangelists are saying that as soon as the miracle was done, the Lord strictly forbade them to tell anybody about it.

Does that strike you? Whenever there is a miracle in the Gospel, it is always followed by the Lord's admonition not to tell anybody about it.

Did you ever wonder why the Lord forbade the benefeciaries of the miracle to tell anyone about it?

It was not due to a false sense of humility. It was not because the Lord said, "It's embarassing" nor " "I might become famous overnight". Neither was the miracle only a private affair between the Lord and the deaf-mute man, as in stated in Mk. 7:31-37, but the healing was a public affair. Everybody saw it performed.

But why did the Lord forbid those who witnessed the miracle to tell anybody about it?
The Lord was afraid of the wrong publicity.

Pleae remember that the people did not follow the Lord's advice. They went right ahead and told people about the miracle. But what the people preached was that the Lord was a healer, a wonder worker and a good speaker.

The Lord did not like that because He came not only to heal, not only to be a wonder worker and not only to be an eloquent speaker to be admired.

The Lord came to make God present in our midst.

The people missed that. They only saw the Lord as a miracle worker and they rushed to Him because of the wonders He performed.

A healing or a miracle is only a means to an end. What is the end? What is the goal? The Lord wants us to realize that the love of God is right here in our midst.

That is why, although healing is important, it is not the most important mission of the Church.
Although preaching is important, it is not the most important mission of the Church.

The most important mission of the Church is to make God present in the world.
May we become witnesses of God's presence in our midst in all the days of our lives!
Blessings to us all...

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